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Iceland day 1 : The arrival at Keflavík Airport

11 juin 2017 Comments (0) Adventure, Hiking, SOTA

F4HVD/DJ0LRC – planned gear for iceland

Hi all, I ( F4HVD ) would like to present you what I plan to take with me for the SOTA DXpedition in Iceland.

  • My transceiver will be an FT991 from Yaesu: It’s heavy (4kg) but I already have it (so no extra expense) and it can handle 100W of HF power and has an integrated antenna tuner. To protect it, it will be placed during transport in a Pelicase PELI 1450 (3kg).
  • Then the antenna will be a Buddipole Deluxe package
    • Including:
      • Tripod
      • Portable Mast
      • Versatee
      • 2 arms
      • 2 coils
      • 3 standard telescopic whips
      • http://www.buddipole.com/debupa.html
    • with the following extra elements:
      • 2 extra arms
      • 1 TRSB (Triple Ratio Switch Balun)
      • 2 long telescopic whips
    • All of this for a weight of 5kg
  • Power supply will come from 2 Zippy LiFePo4 4C1P 4200mAh in parallel. 13.2V nominal and an expected capacity of 8.4Ah. I can run the radio (at 100W transmit) for about 2 hours with this battery. (+1kg on the weight bill)
  • I will also bring with me an antenna analyzer (+1kg)

In summary I will have two “parts” to carry up the summits. The radio package (7kg) + The antenna and accessories package (7kg)

  • The two zippy giving 8.4Ah at 13.2V

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