Iceland day 2: the country discovery

Iceland day 5: Activation of TF/SL-033

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Iceland day 3 and 4: Kerlingarfjöll

On our way to the Highlands.

We are driving from Reykjavik up North. When passing Geysir, we can see the steam from Geyser Strokkur shooting in the air. Shortly after Gulfoss (nice waterfalls) we are leaving the paved road and hitting F35. The smooth ride is gone and the Hummer starts to rattle and shake. Soon we find out that the best speed is full speed, about 80 km/h.

At the first 10-pointer, mount Bláfell, we stop and try to find a route to the summit. However, is foggy and we can’t see any tracks.

We continue on F35 to F347. Remember, more digits mean the road gets worse. After some rough driving – at home we would call it off-road – we reach Kerlingarfjoll. The “resort” consists of a campground, triangular shaped huts and a main building with a restaurant. We like the setting near a river at the base of the mountains.

The weather is not so great, we experience high winds and fog. We could not see the summits.

To reach our first 10-pointer, Snækollur, we get up at 05:00 and drive a rough jeep track up to the former ski area. We need warm clothes, as the wind is blowing strongly and it is quite cold. Visibility is bad, can’t see much of the mountain. The hike over rocks is not too hard. However, after some time we reach a steep snow field. We are trying to climb and cross it, but is is packed and icy. We discuss our options and come to the conclusion, that in this weather condition, we are not continuing and go back to the basecamp.


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