Iceland day 5: Activation of TF/SL-033

Iceland day 7: Westman Island

24 juillet 2017 Comments (0) Adventure, Iceland, SOTA, Summit of the week

Iceland day 6 : Activation of a glacier

What a day!

In the morning we do a scouting tour, to see how close we can get to the summit.

The trusty (and rusty hi) Hummer climbs the rocky path slowly but steadily. After reaching the highest accessible point, we can see the TF/SL-008 Mýrdalsjökul clearly above the clouds.

We determine, that just hiking across the glacier is not possible and decide to get the right means of transportation, a snowmobile.

With the help of an Arctic Cat and Guide Siggi from Arcanum (professional company, I can highly recommend!) I can traverse the glacier safely, avoiding all the crevasses in the 700m thick glacier and get close to the summit.

After reaching the summit, I’m setting up the Spiderbeam Aerial-51, Model 404UL. This lightweight antenna (only 400g, including balun, 12m low-loss coax and PL-connector) covers 40-30(with tuner)-20-17-15-12-10-6m and can handle up to 200W.

Wondering what sign I’m holding up? It’s the banner of our employer, Airbus, who was helping us to set up this expedition.

Operating the Elecraft KX3 is easy and a joy, as always.

You see a happy Sota Operator TF/DL5RT/p activating TF/SL-008 Mýrdalsjökull for the first time.


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