Iceland day 6 : Activation of a glacier

Iceland day 8 : Back to home

25 juillet 2017 Comments (0) Adventure, Iceland, SOTA

Iceland day 7: Westman Island

Today we are on the Westman island. An island located at few kilometers south from Iceland mainland.

In 1973 one of the volcano erupted and covered a part of the city. This is the volcano we will try to reach for our SOTA.  The summit reference is TF/VE-003. After a short but difficult climb due to high wind. Because of this wind I decided not to setup the HF station. (A buddipole at 15m on top of a volcano next to the sea is a problem with strong wind)

I tried to launch a CQ on VHF 145.500/FM but only DL5RT who was down in the valley was able to answer to my call. I tried to continue some contacts but no luck.

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